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A Quick Look At North Korea From History To Taxes

Part of the fascination may be because so little is known about North Korea. Here’s a brief look at the country’s history, economy—and why the government claims its people don’t pay taxes. Contrary to what many folks believe, the division between the Koreas didn’t happen as a result of the Korean War. The schism occurred years before that. In 1910 , Japan moved into the Korean peninsula as part of its colonization efforts and ruled the country for decades. After Japan’s defeat in World War II, the United States and the then Soviet Union divvied the peninsula up into north and south factions. The divide was at 38 degrees north latitude, better known as the 38th parallel. In 1948, the southern part of the peninsula, backed by the United States, became the Republic of Korea, more commonly called South Korea. The northern part of the peninsula, supported by the Soviets, became the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea (DPRK), more commonly called North Korea. One problem remained: The new governments each believed that they should control the peninsula.

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okie sure na ang korea trip namen ni kuya this year (& baka next year -march- ulit ㅎㅎㅎ) just need to find a good & trust worthy na travel agency for our visa :///

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China Bans South Korean Tour Groups, Say Travel Agencies

Shandong branches are notified of ban beginning in January Foreign ministry in Beijing denies there’s a travel ban Tour agencies in China’s Shandong province said they received notification from the government of a ban on group trips to South Korea, in a further signal that Beijing isn’t adopting a fast approach to restoring normal ties with Seoul. A Shandong branch of China International Travel Service said it received notice that no tour groups to South Korea will be allowed beginning Jan. 1, while Shandong China Travel Service also said it can no longer organize trips. A Beijing travel agency said it hasn’t heard of any changes and is continuing with plans for group tours, though Yonhap News reported Beijing may take similar measures next week. A spokeswoman for the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Beijing denied there’s a ban, adding China was open to cooperation with South Korea in various sectors. reports this week over whether China is again blocking group visas to South Korea. The government earlier this year placed an unofficial curb on tourism following Seoul’s deployment of a U.S. missile shield, but expectations have grown in recent months that an easing of tensions between the two nations would result in the dropping of barriers to allow a free flow of visitors to South Korea. China is trying to “tame” South Korea with the ban amid high expectations for a restoration of relations after President Moon Jae-in’s China visit, Chosun Ilbo reported , citing an unidentified person in Beijing. Yonhap News said the ban may be temporary. While Chinese President Xi Jinping and his South Korean counterpart Moon pledged last week in Beijing to move beyond the dispute, signs of discord were evident.

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